Former Otley player nominated to replace Feeley in the role of Yorkshire

Former Otley player Mark Luffman has replaced Wharfedale’s Jon Feeley as head coach of the Yorkshire men’s senior team.

After three seasons in the role, Feeley resigned from the role after the birth of twins last November.

Feeley said: “After the birth of my twins in November, I made the decision to step down as head coach of the Yorkshire men’s senior team.

“Leading the team has been my privilege and it has been an honor to work with such a talented group of players from all over our great county.

“To lead the coaching team requires a lot of time and effort, which is necessary if the players have to reach their potential in the County Championship, which I cannot give now.

“Anything less would not be right for them, but I leave confidence in the awareness of having improved the culture and results of the team and that they will continue to strengthen under the excellent leadership of Mark Luffman.

“We have created a very talented team with great expectations and I loved every minute of working with them and we will miss them very much.

“I have no doubt that this year’s championship, in our 150th year, will be special.

“Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to support the team, from the incredible medical staff to the management, especially team manager Benji Pickin (Bradford & Bingley), a legend of a man.”

Luffman, 48, went from assistant coach to coach with immediate effect and spoke of his desire to continue Feeley’s great job.

Former Yorkshire Carnegie Academy coach said: “I really enjoyed working with Jon as an assistant coach.

“Yorkshire has an exciting group of players, both with experience in previous campaigns but also some new young people making their way into the National Championships.

“I am excited to take on the head coach role and I am looking forward to working with the other coaches and management team to select a strong team ahead of the County Championship in Yorkshire’s 150th year.”

Yorkshire began their campaign in the Bill Beaumont County Championship with away games against Northumberland and Cheshire on Saturday 9 and 16 May, followed by a home game against Lancashire on Saturday 23 May at Wharfedale.

Former Bradford & Bingley center Stuart Dixon is the new team president.

He said: “I am honored to have received the senior XV chair position for this season and look forward to working with the coaches, doctors and management team in what will be an exciting County Championship during the 150th. Yorkshire year.

“Having had the good fortune to represent Yorkshire in various age groups and to have won at Twickenham, I perfectly understand the prestige and competitive nature of the championship and will do my best to support the group in any way possible in order to progress from the last season shows “.

Dixon added: “Rob Baldwin and Dan Cook have done an excellent job in recent seasons to support the whole team and build a great culture within the group.

“I hope to continue and work on that good job with the support of some fantastic Yorkshire clubs in the national leagues and beyond and I am looking forward to three very demanding County games in our group, in particular hosting Lancashire in our only home game. ”

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