Former Republican officials urge Trump to acknowledge defeat

More than 100 former Republican officials repudiate Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat, as it represents a “dangerous attack” on US institutions.

In a letter published Monday, a group of former Republican US National Security officials has demanded that Donald Trump acknowledge his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections on November 3.

Specifically, more than 100 former officials from the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W. Bush and Trump have criticized the failure of the majority of Republicans in the US Congress to condemn the stubbornness of the New York tycoon to the time to acknowledge your electoral defeat.

Most Republicans have remained silent as Trump disputes the election results, making unsubstantiated claims of fraud, and his legal team pursues increasingly desperate and failed attempts to reverse Biden’s victory.

By encouraging President Trump’s delaying tactics or remaining silent, Republican leaders are putting American democracy and national security at risk.”, Warns the text, according to the British news agency Reuters.

Michael Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English) and the National Security Agency (NSA), as well as William Webster, the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the CIA, they are among the members of this republican group.

Trump continues to insist on electoral fraud, despite the latest projections from the US agency The Associated Press (AP) They give a resounding victory to Biden with 79,850,242 votes, compared to the 73,799,071 obtained by the Republican magnate.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders also noted that the Republican Party has become “a cult” for keeping quiet in the face of Trump’s electoral attacks.



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