What happened just now? After a series of underperforming releases, Telltale Games closed in November 2018, two months after most of its projects were discontinued and 90 percent of its workforce was fired. Now four former colleagues have reunited to found Adhoc Studio for a new adventure.

The death of Telltale Games late last year was a messy business with unexpected layoffs and allegations of labor violations. Telltale, known for its selection-based adventure games based on hit franchises such as Batman and The Walking Dead, has created its own niche in the games market. But in the end, the cost of acquiring high-profile IPs associated with stifling sales made this niche unsustainable, and the company closed in November.

But loud diversityA small team of four former Telltale employees has joined forces to form a new company called Adhoc Studio.

The four bring together a lot of expertise with two former Creative Directors and a Director of Writing, each working on some of Telltale's biggest hits. But now they want to go beyond what they can do within a studio that's safe.

Dennis Lenart, Chief Technology Officer for the new studio, said diversity"We liked the idea that if there were only four of us, we would be able to dive more confidently into unknown water."

As Adhoc's new creative director Pierre Shorette said, "We all have backgrounds and interest in film and television, so we combine that with our experience in games, which is something we're exploring now."

Since the Telltale games at their core were the characters, the writing and the decisions of the players on the story, the change of the medium may not be a big jump. And although Adhoc currently has little to report on projects or partnerships, fans of the interactive storytelling genre will undoubtedly be pleased to know that Adhoc is starting a new chapter.