Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel doubts the need for downtown races such as a London Grand Prix and is happier if he stays at Silverstone than in Formula One when he tries "something special".

The future of the British Grand Prix is ​​secured until 2024, after the race directors had signed a new contract with the F1 before the 2019 race edition.

Silverstone will continue hosting the race and has also received some assurances to protect itself as the F1 successfully completes an additional Grand Prix in the recently discussed country in London.

Asked by Autosport about his thoughts on Silverstone and the desire of F1 to drive in London after announcing the new deal with the British GP, Vettel said, "I'm satisfied with Silverstone, let's just say it.

"I think it's a great place, it's no problem showing a great show here, it's no problem finding a great audience."

"It's one of the best races we have and it's also a very fair crowd to come here even as a German!

"I do not think there is an urgent need to go to the cities, I do not think there are more people in the city than here.

"It's great, I can remember more than 100,000 fans every weekend."

In Silverstone 1950 the first Grand Prix of the F1 World Championship took place. Since then, Silverstone has been the biggest player to keep the British GP on the calendar every year.

A London F1 race has always been thought of as an extra race, as one that would separate the British GP from Silverstone.

Vettel said: "[Silverstone] is the home of motorsport, so we have to come here.

"I'm pretty happy to stay here and try out nothing special, I think it's a great track, every driver likes it.

"The fans come here every year in large quantities, so there's nothing wrong with that.

"I hope [Silverstone] negotiated a lot and expressed a lot of freedom. "

The prospect of a London F1 race has never been a serious offer, but F1 has explored opportunities outside the center of the English capital to make it more realistic.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has hinted that a race in London is likely to be "one-time," but repeats at Silverstone that "watching an F1 car race on the streets of London is fantastic."

"If it's another fantastic venue and track that will enrich the 21-race calendar, if we're lucky enough to have two of them in that country, I would certainly accept that," Horner added.

"But now, this weekend, it was an amazing amount, big support, and hopefully with the investment that Silverstone could make with the longevity of their deal, we'll see more fans approaching the pits and the stadium." Infield here. "