Fortunately, the Queen closed the Sussex plan to take advantage of the monarchist brand

MFry went so far as to suggest that the United States, and its current spirited and mischievous ruler, would benefit from the kind of benevolent presence provided by our Queen. “Looking now at 10 Downing Street and the American White House,” he reflected, “I wonder which nation is constitutionally more in danger of raising a tyrant.”

Regardless of whether you think of Trump as a tyrant, it seems unlikely that such a character will prove successful in the Commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Does His Majesty really radiate a calming current that can be felt for all those miles across the ocean? This also seems doubtful, but there may be something.

Even in the Middle East, where religion reigns supreme through its various irritable factions, sovereignty seems to have its place. Aimen Dean, founding member of Al Qaeda who became a double agent of the British MI6, often stresses the fact that the Arab countries governed by absolute monarchs – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Bahrain and al. – have stood still in recent decades in comparison with those who were ruled by absolute dictators; Libya, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, to name a few.


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