four days spent in water because of a storm

This Thursday kicks off a radical change of time, with a forecast of 96 hours of showers and storms, all weekend, and with a temperature carousel.

The cause of this phenomenon is an anomalous storm that arrives this Saturday and it will enter the peninsula from the north of Portugal, although its effects are already beginning to be felt with the aforementioned rainfall. The worst days will be tomorrow Friday and Saturday.

We call this storm ‘anomalous’ as it circulates at a latitude lower than usual, since to the south of Greenland there is an anticyclone that blocks the circulation of storms by the higher latitudes.

This ‘wall’ of high pressure causes the storms that form to lower in latitude and affect more to the west and southwest of the peninsula. In addition, this storm has interacted with the subtropical jet stream, so it has subtropical characteristics (a warm core) and an energy that will cause storm clouds (cumulonimbus) to form, especially in mountain areas.

According to the forecast, they can be accumulated more than forty liters per square meter, a figure that can reach sixty liters per square meter, in the north of Extremadura and west of Castilla-La Mancha, in Toledo, as well as in the North of the country: Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León.

In addition, storms they can be strong in the Community of Madrid, in Navarra, Aragon, the north of the Valencian Community and in Catalonia. On the other hand, the south and the southeast, for the most part, are kept out of the strong storms and abundant cloud cover.

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The snow returns

Temperatures have dropped since Sunday, as a new polar air mass enters that will affect the Cantabrian Sea and part of the Pyrenees until Tuesday, when the thermometers will rise again in the northern half. The snow level can drop below 1,500 m in the mountains. For example, Bilbao will pass from the 24 ºC scheduled today at 13 ºC maximum expected on Monday.

The cold will lower the snow levels that can go below 1,300 meters Sunday in the Cantabrian Mountains, where up to two inches of snow can accumulate. In the Pyrenees, the elevation can drop from 1,500 meters.

They could accumulate up to five centimeters in the Iberian System, from between ten and twenty in the Huesca, and in the Central Sistem it is also possible that some flakes fall above 1,800 meters.

Temperature carousel

The temperatures are going to go up and down during these four days, especially in the north and northeast. Today they rise between 6 ºC and 10 ºC in the north, due to the south-southwest component wind, while In the south and, above all, in the area of Narrow drop down to eight degrees Due to the east wind, which will blow until Saturday and will leave a three-meter swell and a swell. On Sunday the wind rolls in the Mediterranean to the west (west component wind).

Tomorrow will occur a new descent, although they will rise on Saturday in the northeast. From monday looms a new storm, which will also come from the west.

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