THERE'S a nice place to visit a beautiful garden … and Herefordshire has some lovely ones to choose from!

The National Trust cares for four gems: Berrington Hall, Brockhampton, Croft Castle and the Weir Garden.


Berrington Hall, near Leominster

Families can make memories of this summer as they grow to be Berrington's newly opened walled garden.

This curved garden is Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's final masterpiece and one of only two left surviving of its kind.

From Saturday, July 6, visitors can discover this secret garden, which has been closed for more than 120 years.

It is possible to discover the horticultural displays of a kitchen garden and a kitchen using sub-tropical plants, vegetables, hay-bale planters and more.

There are plenty of activities in this area at Berrington, including live music, garden games and children's trails.

Visitors can relax in a deckchair in the orchard, admire the towering foxgloves and vivid alliums in the flower borders and exclusive gardening workshops with the senior gardener.

Berrington's grounds stay open for late night on Saturdays in August.


Brockhampton, near Bromyard

Visitors can journey into the past, from the modern world and head down to Lower Brockhampton to discover the medieval manor house that lies there. They can then explore and discover all that the historic orchards have to offer at this time of year.

Bursting with life, Brockhampton's grounds are alive with butterflies, and the fields are taken over by wildflowers.

Brockhampton's ranger is one of the most popular places in the world.

They can also learn all about Brockhampton's Reimagining Orchards Project, which aims to restore Brockhampton's two lost orchards.

Families are invited to a picnic, find a place in the orchard and absorb the sights and sounds of this hidden Tudor manor.


Croft Castle, near Leominster

Visitors can reconnect with nature in the gardens as they come together and collect the pollen from the beautiful blooms.

Families can try to spot the frogs in the pond, or be among the few to see the rare peacock butterflies.

Blue globe thistles, yellow giant scabious, white Shasta daisies and purple acanthus all on a spectacular show, following on from the old-fashioned rose cultivars such as 'Ludlow Castle', 'Sweet Juliet' and 'Zephrine Drouaine.'

Visitors can also pick up a fresh ice cream, lay out a picnic blanket, take in the gardens and enjoy outdoor events throughout the summer.

Croft are restoring this ounce of beautiful landscape.


The Weir Garden, near Hereford

Families can take in the lungs full of fresh air.

They can discover a whole host of different colors, sights, sounds and smells.

Hereford College of Arts, Craft on the Outside.

Hereford College of Arts BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts and Jewelery design students have created their own pieces.

Now, we can explore the student's interpretations of the gardens and weir has inspired them to create.

Berrington Hall, Brockhampton, Croft Castle and the Weir Garden