Four people, two men and two women, were shot dead Monday after a possible bickering of neighbors in the small town of Pentincton, located in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.

According to initial information released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, police first received calls for shots fired in downtown Montreal around 10:30 am local time. Then at 11:27, the suspect, a 60-year-old Penticton man, went to the police.

The RCMP said that the body of a first person was found at a crime scene, while the other three were killed at a second location.


"This is a very disturbing event that has occurred in our community, but I want to confirm that we have a suspect in detention and the victims were targeted," said Superintendent Ted De Jager of the RCMP Detachment. South Okanagan, in a press briefing with local media.

The wife of a victim interviewed by the news site Castanet said that, according to her, a quarrel between neighbors could be at the origin of the murders.

Information corroborated by Jeff Schwartz, the nephew of one of the victims, Rudi Winters. According to him, his uncle "was targeted by a neighbor in a vendetta," he told Global News.

Quiet city

The RCMP did not reveal the name of the suspect or his victims, but acknowledged that the shots knew the gunman. The reason for the murders was not further clarified by the police.

The shootings caused a real commotion in Pentincton, a quiet little town that is not used to such violence. "All of a sudden, there are police cars coming from everywhere, and an ambulance. We went out and saw someone on the lawn of a house, "said Vancouver Sun Shelley Halvorson, who was working in her office when she heard gunshots.

"We were asked to come back because there was a guy on the run with a rifle," she added.

The series of shootings resulted in a huge police deployment, including that of armored vehicles. The RCMP had asked the public to avoid certain areas in the heart of the quiet little town of just under 35,000.

This event comes just after a cold-blooded murder inside a church in Salmon Arm, another community in central British Columbia. A 78-year-old man was then shot in high mass by another man who knew him.