Four people were killed by a terrorist suspect inside the Arndale Center.

A total of five victims were taken to hospital after the terrifying attack unfolded shortly after 11.15am on Friday morning.

The injuries were knifed, were described as 'nasty, but not life threatening by Greater Manchester' deputy mayor Bev Hughes.

One woman required surgery and remains in hospital for treatment.

Armed officers patrol the Arndale Center

A 59-year-old man's stamina wounds to his hand and palm.

A 19-year-old woman sustained stub wounds to her arms and pit pit, which required surgery. She remains in hospital but her injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

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A 19-year-old woman sustained a cut to her elbow.

A 33-year-old woman sustained a cut to her stomach.

A 43-year-old woman has been involved in the incident but does not appear to have any visible injuries.

A forensic scenes of crime review carries out 360 degree survey of the scene outside the Arndale Center

Police investigating the stabbing of a house in north Manchester on Friday evening.

It is believed forensic teams on the 40 year-old suspect's home on Rochdale Road.

The investigation is now being led by counter terrorism police.

The property which was searched in the investigation into the Manchester Arndale attack

They are trying to establish a political, religious or ideological motivation for the attack.

Neighbors say they 'immediately recognised' Arndale suspect stabbing, as police raid north Manchester flat

This is the teenager stabbed in Manchester Arndale attack while on a girly weekend in Manchester

The man's mental health is also a factor in the attack.

Police have since praised the brave actions of an Arndale worker and a member of the public who intervened.

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Greater Manchester deputy mayor Bev Hughes said: "There were important contributions from a range of people, but a particular member of the public and a member of the security staff did not reply.

"Equally, there was a paramedic lady, off duty, who came in and helped the victim."

Andy Burnham addressing a press conference inside the Arndale shopping center

Mayor Andy Burnham also praised the 'outstanding work of Greater Manchester police officers who were on the scene immediately'.

He said: "There was an armed response within five minutes, and they were supported by staff here [the Arndale], staff member, particularly the Arndale Center security staff who played a role, and also members of the public.

"That says everything about Greater Manchester." I'd like to praise the professionalism of people, especially the police and other emergency services that have been on site immediately. "