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Arsenal defeated Manchester United in the Premier League on Sunday in a defeat that reflected the same match between the two sides last season.

Just like last May, Granit Xhaka opened the Gunners with one of its usual, slightly speculative long-haul efforts.

With the rain and wind Xhaka whipped the ball from Alexandre Lacazette more than 20 meters in front of the goal and decided to fight.

The Swiss midfielder David De Gea fired with a curved shot that rocked the United keeper on his heels, completely firing.

The goal triggered a major debate in the football commentary on whether De Gea's positioning / reading of the shot was a goalkeeper error or not.

Given that the ball seemed to aim a few yards in one direction before heading off in the other direction, we're ready to give Dave a pass here. Let us know if you think otherwise.

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But another goal from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – a penalty for Fred's softest foul on Lacazette – saw the Gunners beating a United side who, although they were better that day, had to pay a lot of good Wasted opportunities.

The result puts Arsenal (60) two points above United (58) as the race for fourth place finishes in the final stretch.

As for Xhaka; For a man still denigrated by some Arsenal fans, he is slowly but surely becoming one of Unai Emery's most important players. The man who once played a punch line is often offensive and defensive in this midfield.