A man and a woman have admitted that they have caused unnecessary harm to the fox-boys in a hunting lodge.

Birmingham Magistrates & # 39; Court heard that the young dogs of the South Herefordshire Hunt were "fed".

Julie Elmore, 55, from Brynarw, near Abergavenny, and Paul Reece, 48, from Itton, South Wales, both admitted two cases in which they caused unnecessary harm to a protected animal.

Three others deny the same allegations.

The charges against the hunting dog master Paul Oliver, the breeding maid Hannah Rose and the terrier man Nathan Parry, prosecutor Simon Davis, was opened Kennel of the fox hunting dogs, whereby they are killed. "

The court was informed that the Hunt Investigation Team had placed a hidden camera in the kennels after receiving information that the Animal Welfare Act was violated in May 2016.

Mr. Oliver was caught by the covert camera as he prepared to feed the dogs living fox-boy, the court heard.

Mr. Davis stated that the camera provided "significant" evidence against Mr. Oliver, including the footage he claimed to be showing him pulling fox-boys out of a cage and entering the kennels.

Mr Parry, 40, also from Brynarw, denies four allegations of causing unnecessary harm to a protected animal.

Mr. Oliver, 40, and Ms. Rose, 30, both from Sutton Crosses near Spalding, Lincolnshire, also report four cases of animal cruelty.

Sara-Lise Howe, who acted for Ms. Rose, said, "She was not involved and did not cause the foxes to die.

"She just did not know it."

Clive Rees, representing Mr Oliver, claimed that there was no evidence that he killed two of the foxes that were the subject of the indictment.

Mr. Oliver claimed to have used an ax to kill foxes and denied to throw the animals to the dogs.

Elmore and Reece will be sentenced at a later date.

The process continues.