Fox Sports missed Barcelona SC and surprised the score that they predicted in favor of Boca Juniors

Barcelona SC is focused on what will be its commitment against Boca Juniors, valid for the third date in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. In Argentina, the media are talking and analyzing what Xeneize’s participation will be, predicting a win.

Fox Sports panelists decided to analyze the match between Boca Juniors against Barcelona SC, and one of the strongest arguments they have is that the Argentines have not lost in any of the official matches against the Guayaquil team. They predict it to be a resounding victory, three goals up.

Barcelona SC hopes to win the three points against Boca Juniors – Photo by API

And it is that the confidence that they have in Boca Juniors, both from the press and the fans of the Argentine team, is such that they have not taken into account that Barcelona SC won Santos as a visitor and beat The Strongest. Despite this, they trust that Michelangelo Russo’s approach will surprise.

Barcelona SC, meanwhile, is preparing the ideal lineup to surprise. At a press conference, Fabin Bustos, explained that they will attack on the wings and their objective is not to give Boca Juniors the ball, but to take center stage from the start and be effective in the face of the rival goal.

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Barcelona SC is going through a great moment, both in the national and international tournament, and Fabin Bustos is clear that there is a replacement and all his players are committed, so they will fight for everything they play in 2021.

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