France and Britain recur in fisheries dispute, France threatens to take retaliatory measures |

Original title: France and Britain re-emerge fishery dispute, France threatens to take retaliatory measures

French Maritime Minister Anneque Ghirardin stated on the 4th that if Britain insists on restricting French fishing boats going to Jersey waters to do business, France will take retaliatory measures.

When answering a question in the National Assembly on the same day, Annick Ghirardin said that the French government is ready to take retaliatory measures, including that France’s power supply to the British island of Jersey may be affected.

The British government announced on April 30 a list of French fishing vessels that can enter the waters near the UK to fish from May 1. The list allows 41 fishing boats equipped with a ship monitoring system to enter the British waters to fish, and stipulates the sea areas that the fishing boats can enter and the number of fishing days. This move not only caused strong opposition from French fishermen. The French Ministry of Oceans also stated in a subsequent press release that the new requirements unilaterally made by the United Kingdom “have never been mentioned, discussed or approved before,” and the French side considers these requirements to be invalid. of. France has informed the European Commission that it hopes to ensure that the United Kingdom complies with the relevant post-Brexit fisheries agreement with the European Union and opposes any unregulated measures. (Headquarters reporter Jia Yanning)

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