France and Portugal disappoint in the Nations League

France and Portugal they put on a gray show in this Nations League after equaling zero goals in a match corresponding to date 3 of Group 3 of League A. The Gauls were superior in terms of the position of the ball, but did not have clear chances of danger in the goal protected by Rui Patricio.

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Portugal He only needed a draw to stay at the top of the sector, as he had a greater goal difference than his rival. On the other hand, France longed for victory to be able to climb positions and be the boss of the sector, situation that failed to achieve.

Despite the final result, the first 45 minutes were characterized by an alternate dominance where the visitors even approached the rival frame with more danger options. He Juventus footballer had the opportunity to be present on the scoreboard at 26 ′; However, a brilliant sweep of Lucas Hernández prevented the above.

For the complementary part Portugal continued insisting and saw its power reflected at minute 70 thanks to the Pepe’s header. To your bad fortune the target was annulled thanks to the help of the first assistant who scored out of place. Thus, both teams disappointed in what was the most anticipated match of the season.

With this tie, France remained in second place in their group after accumulating seven out of nine possible points; For its part, the Portuguese team remained in first place thanks to two victories, a draw and a better advantage in terms of goals. The next duel for the Gauls will be against Croatia, while the Portuguese will receive the weak squad of Sweden.

In other results, Finland beat Bulgaria and Croatia did the same against Romania. Norway and England triumphed over Romania and Belgium, respectively, while commitments between Ireland and Wales, Kazakhstan and Albania, Lithuania and Belarus, Armenia and Georgia, Estonia and North Macedonia, and Bosnia and the Netherlands were even.

Similarly, Denmark and Hungary they beat Iceland and Serbia, while Russia against Turkey and Poland against Italy ended the match tied.

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