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As part of the FRA-EFP LYNX mission, France is to station several hundred soldiers and dozens of tanks in Estonia near the Russian border next week. A statement has been published on the website of the French Embassy in Tallinn.

About 300 military and several combat vehicles are to be stationed for four months from April 23 in the 140 kilometers from the Russian border distant city of Tapa.

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Planned is the delivery of five Leclerc tanks and twenty armored vehicles, including thirteen VBCI infantry fighting vehicles.

Some militaries are already in Tapa to prepare for the unit's arrival.

"We are very pleased to be working with our allies and improving our interoperability capability," the embassy quotes one of the military.

For the first time French soldiers were deployed in Tapa during the NATO mission FRA-EFP LYNX between March and December 2017. In addition, a section of the French Air Force patrolled the Estonian airspace between April and August 2018, which was part of the NATO air police service.

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In recent years, Russia has repeatedly expressed its concern over NATO's unprecedented activity at its western borders. The Alliance justifies this eastward expansion by saying that it is necessary for "curbing Russian aggression." Earlier, the Kremlin declared that Russia was not dangerous. However, it would not ignore any actions that could threaten its interests.