Mateo Kovacic scored no goals in 17 games for Chelsea this season (TPI / REX)

Frank Lampard admits that he is very interested in Mateo Kovacic to score more goals for Chelsea.

The Croatian international has impressed Lampard this season after his move from Real Madrid came to a definitive end in the summer.

Despite his outstanding performance alongside Jorginho, the 25-year-old midfielder failed to score in 17 games for Chelsea this season.

"I think it's common for players coming to the Premier League from a foreign league to have some training time," said Lampard.

Frank Lampard says Mateo Kovacic is working to improve in front of goal (BPI / REX)

"And I think Kovacic had some really good signs and positives from him last year. The fact that he joined the team is never easy, I understand that.

"And now as a manager, I get that even more. I think he feels at home now.

"Not that I knew how he was doing last year, but his personality shows in the group.

"He's a very likeable character with a nice, tough side about how I see him on the court and out of the court." He is a really good player.

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"He's registered with the club now, I understand it can make someone happy, and he's played really well."

When asked if Kovacic should score more points, Lampard replied, "Yes. Me and him.

"The quality that he has shown in much of this season, and I think natural progress is a goal we are working on.

"You may see a big smile when he scores, not just from me, but from the group, because we know he has the quality to score, and that's the next step."

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