TThis is okay for Chelsea at the moment. A brave performance that ended in a 2-1 defeat to reigning champions Manchester City. It could even be argued that this was further evidence of progress, although it will not always be easy for Frank Lampard to fight off defeat.

Chelsea exceeded expectations at the beginning of his first year as a manager. Lampard has done a good job so far and sent out a young, dynamic team that wants to hurt the opposition and not withhold it, whether at home or on the road.

This is not a cautious Chelsea team, she is brave and adventurous. They have a bit of style, a bit of boasting. It just makes them like to look exciting, especially when so many young players have been given the chance to shine, and Lampard is a young British manager who has a rare opportunity to run one of the big clubs rather than scratch around are forced to do so – with clubs with much bigger problems than a one-year transfer ban.

He took this opportunity to do well, predicting that Chelsea would fight for a place in the Champions League. At the same time, he has oppressed anyone who claims he is too inexperienced and too dependent on his status as a former player to be a successful coach.

However, this is Chelsea, a club that has won the Premier League five times and is expected to do so at some point.

A top 4 result was not considered good enough for the managers in front of him, and eventually Lampard will not be good enough either. Despite all optimism, the fact that Chelsea lost (twice) to Liverpool, City and Manchester United this season is a reminder.

This is the easy part when less is needed or required. Lampard is the legendary legend who has come home, adored and adored. The pressure has decreased to some extent. He has the most precious asset as manager – time. It's time to put together a new kind of team, develop some of these exciting academics, and learn and grow until he's ready to win the same trophies his predecessors have won.