Posted Sunday, June 9, 2019 – 18:54 (GMT-5)

Several young people aged between 15 and 18 were released after harass and physically assault a couple of lesbian women in London, after harassing them asking them to kiss and they refused.

The event, which has shocked the networks and put back into the center of the debate intolerance and the increase of hate crimes in Europe, occurred this May 30, and was denounced in networks by Melania Geymonat, one of the women attacked.

The attack occurred inside a bus when the couple returned home. The young people approached and began to harass them, throw coins and ask them to kiss in front of them and make sexual gestures. When the women refused, they were hit in the face and their belongings stolen.

British police released on bail the five attackers, despite facing charges of robbery and aggravated assault, for attacking Melania, 28, and stewardess RyanAir and his American girlfriend, Chris, and leaving them with injuries in the face.

The decision of the police has been criticized since young people are violent and represent a danger. In addition, in London there were 2,308 homophobic attacks in 2018, according to the figures revealed by the metropolitan police.

"This attack did not occur only because we are lesbian women, but because we are women," Melania said in an interview published in The country.

"This is not the story of two lesbians who refuse to kiss. There are many rights of people who are at risk and also their basic security is at risk, "said Chris and said that these types of people who commit these violent acts are" emboldened by right-wing populism, which I believe is responsible for the increase in hate crimes. "