Free shipping ★ UK UK antique furniture BAR shop counter old charm OLD CHARM 9232W

◆ Size / Age / Material ◆

Width: Approximately 156cm
Depth: Approximately 38.5 cm
Height: about 100 cm

Age: 1960s
Material: Solid oak

◆ Product description ◆

It is a counter of furniture maker WOOD BROS company famous for “OLD CHARM” in England. (With maker mark)
It is made from solid oak and is hand-carved everywhere.

It is a dark brown peculiar to oak and the antique texture is also a wonderful counter.

Five pieces of pale yellow-green smoked glass and bullseye glass are alternately fitted under the top plate.

There are two shelves, and the intervals are 33.5 cm, 24.5 cm, and 25 cm from the bottom.

The depth of the shelf is 28.5 cm.

There are many ways to use it, such as home bar counters, shop counters, and partitions.

It has been maintained by a dedicated rest restorer, so there is no rattling or wobbling.
There are some scratches due to the aging peculiar to antiques, but the condition is very good.
Other than the counter, it has nothing to do with the product.
Due to the nature of the Web, the color of the actual product and the product image may differ slightly. Please note.
If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

◆ Shipping ◆

We will send it by Yamato Easy Household Goods Takkyubin.
It is a very convenient service that unpacks and installs so that you can use it immediately.
This item is shipped for free. * Shipping from Aomori Prefecture
* You can specify the arrival date, but the delivery time zone is limited in the area.
We will ship 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

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◆ Concept / restore method ◆

Q “s Antiques is a British antique specialty store.
We handle antique items purchased directly in the UK.
Taking advantage of not going through an intermediary, we offer our customers cheaper than the market price.
Use scratches and paint texture that have occurred over a long period of time
It ’s an antique taste,
I think that it is good in itself.
Our shop is maintained by a dedicated restorer.
Instead of renewing everything, while maintaining its good texture
Parts that need repair for actual use,
For example, in the case of furniture, the drawers and doors can be opened and closed smoothly … etc.
We are restoring it so that you can use it as soon as you arrive.
Because they are tools that have been used with attachment
We want to value the goodness of the antique itself.


Since it is antique, please purchase it after understanding the condition of the product.
Please inspect the product as soon as it arrives and contact us within 3 days if you have any questions.
In the unlikely event that it is damaged or due to our mistake, we will accept returns,
We do not accept cancellations or returns after purchase due to customer’s convenience.

・ The product will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
・ Please make payment within one week after purchase.
・ If we cannot confirm your contact and payment within one week after purchase, we will cancel your purchase.


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