Sussex viewers are reminded that a major change will take place next week.

Residents may need to adapt their television equipment to continue watching programs on October 16, as the channels air on new airwaves.

As a result of a UK government decision, issuers are updated region by region as part of a major engineering program implemented by 2020.

The latest update for the Meridian television region is planned and the necessary changes will be made to issuers in certain areas of East Sussex, Brighton and much of West Sussex.

Engineering work on the major transmitters of Midhurst, Ventnor and Whitehawk Hill will begin shortly after midnight and Freeview channels will be out of service overnight until 6 pm.

After that, all viewers receiving their TV signal and discovering that they lack channels can re-tune.

Work in small local transmitters will take place during the day and services may be disrupted until the end of the afternoon. Satellite and cable TV are not affected.

Approximately 490,000 homes are served by the issuers concerned. Freeview will launch an information campaign to prepare people for change, including advertising and on-screen messages.

The tuning must be simple and some television equipment will automatically tune. It may be necessary to replace some older antennas to continue to receive all channels. Viewers may be eligible for free home support, including aerial work if necessary.

Anyone who needs advice or finds that they are still missing services after making a new adjustment can visit the Freeview website at or contact the Freeview Notification Line free at 0808. 100 0288.