French storm at the Allianz Arena

On Wednesday, April 7, the Allianz Arena MATCH between Bayern Munich and the Paris Saint Germain for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, eliminatory in which they faced each other again the two finalists of the last edition.

The Bayern Munich came to this duel as current champion of the competition and with the illusion of heading to a new European title, reason why, came out with his best eleven to defend his fortress, the Allianz Arena, enclosure in which the Bavarian giant maintains a streak of 8 games without knowing defeat.

On the contrary, the Paris Saint Germain reached this commitment with the aim of take revenge after the defeat in the final of LisboaHowever, he came to this duel with casualties because Walls could not be for card accumulation and so much Florenzi What Verratti gave positive for Covid-19 in the last days, however, they recovered one of their key players, Neymar.

  • First time of suspense

In the opening minutes, the game turned back and forth, having the Bayern Munich a clear dangerous situation after a shot of Choupo-Moting at minute 2 that hit the crossbar, however, against Neymar drove the ball to the danger zone, where he passed Mbappé so that will finish first and mark the first of the match at minute 3.

After the goal and the coup of authority, the PSG continued in his quest to increase the difference and score the second goal, however, the Bayern would not give up and kept coming to the area of Navas, having several clear goal situations, but without much luck facing the rival goal.

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Al minute 12 the french team had the second in the boots of Draxler, who finished first after a counter of Mbappé, managing to mark and increase the gap with Bayern, Nevertheless, the goal was disallowed by a clear forward position of Draxler.

After the first 15 minutes of the match, the PSG was the team that with few arrivals complicated the existence of BayernHowever, the Bavarian giant found his game and reached the area of Navas, tending near four chances to mark in less than five minutesnevertheless a giant Navas cleared each of its auctions.

Al minute 28 and after a long pass from Neymar a Marquinhos, the Brazilian was solo frente a newer, managing to beat the German wall and marking the second of the matchHowever, after the goal, Marquinhos had to leave the field for inconvenience.

After half an hour of play, the Bavarian giant was still on the prowl in front of the arch of Navas and I would get to beat the archer after a great pass from Pavard to Choupo-Moting, who nodded first and scored the discount goal at minute 37.

After the adrenaline injection of the goal and with the confidence to seek the tie, the Bayern Munich he became the owner of the ball and wanted to mark the second before going to the locker room, but, fortune was not on his side.

Choupo-Moting got the tie for Bayern Munich. / Twitter: Bayern Munich official
  • Complicated second half

In the second half the match started with a very high intensity because both teams fought each ball and tried to create goal situations, being the French team the one that was closer to marking after an auction of Neymar that cleared New miraculously, however, to the contrary andl Bavaria he almost scored the second twice, the first after a shot from Alaba from outside the small area that the archer cleared and the other time after a center of Boateng a Surname, who shot first, but the ball the archer cleared it.

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Al minute 60 and after having played the first 15 minutes, the Bayern Munich He did not lower his intensity and kept attacking with all its might, getting the tying goal after a free throw of Kimmich, who crossed the ball for what Müller headlong will burst the arch of Navas and mark the second for the Bavarian giant.

After several intense minutes, the PSG I would get to mark the third of the meeting after a great counter that ended Mbappé, who mocked New and broke his bow at minute 67, however, against Bayern almost scored the tie, but the ball Navas stopped him.

In the last 15 minutes of the duel both teams looked impatiently the goal of respite, tending more situations the Bayern, but without being very precise facing the rival goal.

End of a tough game for him Bayern Munich, who did the wear throughout the duel, however, the PSG knew how to take advantage of few occasions he had and be decisive facing the Neuer arch, but, not everything is said and this tie will be decided next Tuesday in Paris.

Kylian Mbappé was the key player at PSG.  / Twitter: Official Champions League
Kylian Mbappé was the key player at PSG. / Twitter: Official Champions League


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