Frida Sofía reveals that her grandfather Enrique Guzmán abused her!

Mexico City.- After the statements of Frida sofia accusing his grandfather Enrique Guzman of having touched her improperly in her childhood, the singer responded through her account of Twitter.

This afternoon the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante published an interview he did with Frida Sofía, in which she reveals through tears that she suffered abuse by her grandfather.

“He was a very disgusting man, a very abusive man”

This is what Frida Sofía said when she spoke of the betrayals she has received from her family and that is why “she sent them to the mess”, but she broke down the moment she started talking about Enrique Guzmán.

Photo: Instagram Frida Sofia

“He was always very abusive, look, I start to tremble because of everything I have to say about that, he was a very disgusting man, a very abusive man… very… he scared me, he always scared me, he did ugly things to me, but … ”

What did he do to you? Infante questioned her. “He groped me,” he replied and recalled that it was from the age of five.

“It’s a crime,” Frida Sofía managed to say before crying.

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Enrique Guzmán answers

Enrique Guzmán immediately used his Twitter account to reply:

“I am very concerned about Frida Sofía’s mental instability …”

The singer received attacks and comments of disapproval, but also support from users of that social network.


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