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MUNICH CONFERENCE – Berlin – “The US will be with you,” US President Joe Biden reaffirmed this Friday to his European partners, who he warned of the current “fundamental debate” between democracy and autocracy and asked for cooperation in the face of “strategic competition “with China and the” threat “from Russia. (SENT)

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G7 MEETING – London – The G7 leaders showed their intention on Friday to make this year “a turning point for multilateralism” and pledged to work together with the World Health Organization (WHO) to accelerate development and production of vaccines against coronavirus.

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USA BIDEN – Washington – US President Joe Biden is trying to regain the traditional role of the United States as a global leader after four years of isolationism, by making his debut on the multilateral stage with the virtual G7 summit and the Munich Security Conference. By Lucía Leal. (Analysis).




SITUATION – Geneva – The COVID pandemic recedes globally, with a decrease of 16% in weekly cases and 10% in deaths, but the World Health Organization (WHO) today asked the world not to lower its guard and, even more, that it prepares better alliances for the new pandemics that the future will bring. (SENT).

AFRICA – Nairobi – Africa this Friday passed the threshold of 100,000 deaths from covid-19 after the hit of the second wave of the disease, driven by new variants of the coronavirus, while the continent tries to accelerate the deployment of vaccines. (SENT).

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IRAN – Tehran – A year after the first cases of covid-19 were detected in Iran, authorities are concerned about the arrival of a fourth wave and the British strain, as they try to boost the recently started vaccination campaign. (SENT).

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ITALY – Codogno (Italy) – At the beginning of the pandemic a town in northern Italy was confined to stop the virus. “For a week we believed we could contain it, but then we saw that it was impossible,” says Stefano Paglia, head of the Emergency Department at Codogno, the “ground zero” of the coronavirus in Europe. By Gonzalo Sánchez (Chronicle). (SENT).

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IRAN NUCLEAR – Tehran – Iran took root on Friday in its position by insisting that the United States lift all sanctions first, after Washington formally offered to restart negotiations on the battered 2015 nuclear deal. (SENT).

BURMA GOLPE- Rangoon.- The young Burmese woman wounded by a gunshot in the head during a protest against the coup d’état last week in Naipyidó died this Friday in the hospital, and became the first mortal victim of the repression of the junta military to the civil disobedience movement. (SENT).

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USA STORM – Los Angeles (USA) – Conditions continue to be critical for Texas residents, despite the resumption of electricity for two million users, since thousands do not have water and the cold storm, which has caused more of 40 deaths across the United States, it has not just abated. By Alex Segura Lozano

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MIGRATORY CRISIS MEXICO – Matamoros (Mexico) – In the midst of some doubts, migrants stranded in the Mexican border city of Matamoros are waiting to receive their first appointments before a US court after the elimination of the “Remain in Mexico” protocol promoted by former President Donald Trump.

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GUINEA-CONAKRI ÉBOLA – Dakar – Despite the fact that since last February 13 Guinea-Conakry has confirmed seven cases of Ebola and five of them have died, the country’s health authorities are confident that they will be able to contain the outbreak in March after the experience gained from the epidemic in West Africa between 2014 and 2016. (SENT).


CROSS-BORDER STORIES – Pamplona (Spain) – A unique mobile health unit in Europe has been visiting various locations in France, Spain and Andorra these months within the EGALURG project, a trans-Pyrenean network of emergencies and catastrophes that seeks to improve collaboration in this area between the territories to both sides of the mountain range. By Javier Rodrigo. (SENT).

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BREXIT RESTAURACIÓN – London – In a cosmopolitan capital like London, Iberian ham and potato omelette tapas can boast of being an alternative to fish and chips, but the start of the year is not being easy for Spanish gastronomy restaurants and shops that , in addition to confinement, they face the bureaucratic obstacles imposed by Brexit. (SENT).

VENEZUELA CRISIS – Caracas – Carmen Hurtado, from Caracas, is deluded every time someone approaches her improvised doll stall because, with each transaction, she is closer to her dream of owning her own home, an almost impossible goal to achieve in Venezuela , where, a person who receives the minimum wage would take 4,000 years to be able to access a home of their own. By Ron González. (SENT).

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ANGOLA HOMOSEXUALITY – Johannesburg – After two years of long waiting since the approval of the decriminalization of relations between persons of the same sex by the Parliament of Angola, the Angolan LGBT community breathes, finally, relieved thanks to the entry into force this month of the country’s new penal code. By Nerea González. (SENT).


HAITI CRAFTSMANSHIP – Port-au-Prince – Haiti produces high-quality and varied handicrafts that cannot find a market within its borders, but whose passionate “ambassador” is Magalie Dresse, a businesswoman and papier-mâché artist determined to promote the sector and discover the wonders of the country to the rest of the world. By María Montecelos. (SENT).

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YEMEN MALNUTRITION – Sana’a – The small Yemeni village of Bani al Qallam lived through better years before war broke out in 2015 causing the planet’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe, according to the UN. Its 2,500 inhabitants, on the brink of starvation, have had to feed on the leaves of a climbing plant to survive. By Khaled Abdullah. (SENT).

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BRAZIL MUSIC – Recife (Brazil) – “I’m crazy about you, America”, a hit already performed by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Celia Cruz, was one of the songs of the pioneers of the Brazilian tropical movement and its lyrics hides a tribute to Che Guevara, according to what its author, José Carlos Capinan, said in an interview with EFE, who turns eighty years old this Friday. By Waldheim Garcia Montoya. (SENT).




EU FRONTEX – Brussels – The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, known as Frontex, is immersed in a scandal over alleged illegal returns of migrants at the maritime border between Turkey and Greece, but also draws criticism for its poor transparency in meetings with lobbyists in full expansion of their budget and capabilities. By Laura Zornoza. (SENT).


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