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These are the terrible injuries suffered by a 50-year-old woman who had broken her nose and chin after a violent robbery.

The Northamptonshire police have posted a picture of the victim's shocking facial injuries to catch the offender.

The incident – presumably a robbery – took place on Wednesday between 2:30 and 4:30 pm at an address in the village of Walgrave in Northamptonshire.

Pieces of jewelry were taken, including a pair of ruby ​​earrings and a silver watch, the police confirmed.

Detectives search for a man who was in the village at 2:00 pm and may have knocked on doors to ask questions or ask for directions.

The police released this graphic image to catch the offender

It is described as black, about 6 feet 2 inches and with a small build. He was wearing a fluorescent jacket.

An investigation is in progress to determine all the details of the robbery, and the police have given advice on how to safely operate the door from home.

Detective Inspector Johnny Campbell said, "This is an absolutely shocking crime where the victim was brutally attacked during a robbery."

Anyone with information may also contact Northamptonshire Police at 101 via telephone

He added, "She has suffered terrible injuries, and she has been recovering for a long time.

"I'm very interested in identifying this man who was in the area at the time, and I would ask anyone who knows who he is to contact us.

"I would also urge the people who live or walk by in the area to see something or see something on their CCTV or Dash cams, immediately contact us."

Advice from the Northamptonshire police

• Make sure you see who is at the door before answering. If you are not sure, DO NOT open the door

• Do not feel pressurized when opening the door. Do not feel rude, real callers do not mind

• Remember, unfortunately, not everyone is the one he says he is, or that he has other motives, especially when he knocks on your door to alert you to a suspected problem. B. Damage to your roof

• Do not let people you do not know come to your home, even if they say they need help. If more than one person is at the door, one may try to keep you talking while the other person falls away to see what they can steal

• Set up passwords with your utilities. Real callers need to tell you this password. Always ask for an ID card

• Show a sticker labeled & # 39; No Cold Calling & # 39; to prevent unwanted callers.

Neighborhood officials have been conducting additional patrols in the area to talk to local residents to investigate and reassure.

The patrols will continue on the weekend, and anyone with concerns or information about the incident will be asked to speak with their local officials.

Anyone with information may also contact Northamptonshire Police at 101 via telephone.

Alternatively, you can call the independent charities Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 111.

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