From blonde to gray: Donald Trump’s change of look after losing the elections

Trump showed himself yesterday with different hair than usual Source: AFP

NEW YORK (ANSA) .- President Donald Trump yesterday surprised his first meeting with the press since last Saturday he declared to Joe Biden as the winner of the election. But, contrary to what many thought (which could surprise by admitting defeat), the striking thing came from another side: her hair is gray, instead of the canary yellow of the last four years.

So far there were no official explanations about the president’s sudden platinum finish. But yes theories, jokes and memes on social networks, which were filled with comments about the change of look of the agent.

The striking color of Trump’s hair, like that of his tan, is a common comment in the United States and the president himself has made statements about it. Last August, even in the midst of a pandemic, the president proposed modifying a law so that showers have greater pressure. “In the shower heads, when you shower, the water does not come out. You want to wash your hands, the water does not come out. So what do you do? Do you stay there longer, do you shower more? Because my hair, I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect”, he said at the time.

In his statement yesterday in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump maintained his position of not recognizing the victory of the Democrat, although he came close to committing a slip. In a speech focused on the pandemic of coronavirus, which has the United States as the country with the most deaths in the world, the president said: “This administration will not go into quarantine. Hopefully the … whatever happens in the future, who knows what administration it will be, I guess time will tell. But I can tell you that this administration will not go into quarantine. “

Meanwhile, right-wing groups that support the US president organized marches for this noon (local time) near the White House in Washington. The big question until this morning was whether Trump himself would give the present at the protest who, like him, claim that the Democrats “stole” the election, a claim so far unfounded.

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