From the provocation of Dogma 95 to … Oscar for best director?

The Hollywood Academy presents its awards in the early morning of April 26. It so happens that a good part of the candidates have not reached theaters, due to the pandemic or because they were launched directly on digital platforms. With a view to the Oscars, Cines Van Dyck brings together the main favorites in a special cycle. It will last the entire month of April, with screenings both in subtitled vo and dubbed version.

One of the surprises opens this weekend. Another round aspires to both Best Direction and Foreign Film, after triumphing in San Sebastianián and at the European Film Awards. Danish Thomas Vinterberg (Celebration, The hunt), co-founder of the Dogma 95 movement with Lars from Trier, he repeats with his fetish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, known from the series Hannibal, Star Wars and 007. This daring and humanistic comedy starts from a provocative premise: that we would all be more sociable and even better professionals if we kept a certain percentage of blood alcohol

Four high school teachers, in the midst of the fifties crisis, investigate the theory that human beings are born with this deficit, which could balance drinking every day. When they put their experiment sociological, they are noticed with more energy and motivation, Better mood and even closer to their loved ones. But getting drunk carries risks. Vinterberg and his faithful screenwriter Tobias Lindholm prefer to avoid morals, although they put on the table the shortcomings of Western society: selfishness, loneliness, lack of empathy, isolation.

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Another round It is currently being screened in a dubbed version, but it will be in its original version on Thursday 15th and Saturday 17th. Next week it will also be the turn of Mank, which starts in the lead with its 10 nominations. Oddly enough, it would be the first for David Fincher (1962), which went empty with the magisterial Seven, The social network, Lost or The fight club. On Mank pays a beautiful tribute in black and white to the golden Hollywood … and to his own father. Before dying, Jack Fincher completed – at the end of the 90s – a script around the figure of Herman Mankiewicz, writer of Citizen Kane (1941). Here he embodies it Gary Oldman, already awarded for mimicking Churchill. Released on Netflix, Mank It can be seen on the big screen only on Friday 16 and Sunday 18 April.

Before, within the Special Oscar Awards, they will be able to be seen in vo subtitled Threatening (Saturday 10) and Nomadland (Friday 9, Sunday 11), with 6 nominations each. Two independent productions that have already made history: Steven Yeun (The walking dead), protagonist of the first, has become the Asia’s first actor Oriental that is eligible for the award. Y Chloe Zhao has been the first woman in almost 40 years to achieve the Golden Globe for best director for her road movie, with an imperial Frances McDormand. Tickets at € 5.50 (4-film subscription: € 16).


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