From Turkey, La Faraona Martín Cirio celebrated Belinda’s World Day by singing her hits

Martin Cirio integrates the long list of controversial influencers of social networks. After a series of tweets of «The Guinea fowl«, Where he made several jokes about pedophilia, he decided to take a trip to Turkey and get away from Twitter. In full foreign vacations, the instagramer returned with everything to YouTube, platform where he began his path to fame.

One of La Faraona’s favorite singers is Belinda. Thus, in the last hours, Martín shared multiple stories on his Instagram account, where he celebrated the World Belinda Day, international day where the musical successes of the young woman are remembered. First, Cirio used an effect to change his hair color and sang “Ni Freud, ni tu mama.” Later, he published a fragment of his favorite song by the Mexican singer, «Luz sin gravity». In that sense, he continued with his playlist, “In love you have to forgive” and “Boba Niña Nice”.

Let us remember that the decision Martin Cirio Going to Turkey was planned since the entire mass cancellation scandal began. «I am not going to mask the reason why I am going to Turkey. It is not a happy motive. The reality is that there has come a point where I am having a hard time functioning. People who follow me on Twit … No, Twitter no, I don’t have that account anymore, it’s buried. I watch Twitter and cry, like someone who sees a cow and cries because it was burned with milk. Every time I go to Twitter it brings me bad memories, “he said.

«Those who follow me on Instagram realize that I upload fewer and fewer stories, there are days that I only repost, and suddenly in a week I disappeared. And it’s not because I’m busy with music, it’s because I’m lying on the ground crying, “Cirio explained about the decision to leave. “Anyway, I’m not saying all this as a victim, I’m not going to make a video all like that, I was going to say ‘with violins’ but I can’t make jokes with that, with a pianito”.

“I am not a victim, being bad is something else, I am bad and I’m going to Turkey, people who are bad cannot go to Turkey, I am totally aware of my privileges as a rich white girl, I have never in my fucking life I could have said ‘oh I’m bad I’m going to Turkey’ but today I am, “he reflected. “The post-cancellation thing that was very hard for me, because it wasn’t just that, it was a lot of things that came with it, like I suddenly lost a lot of circumstantial friends, which I didn’t know were circumstantial,” he said. .

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