From Wos and Pibes Chorros to Coldplay: the music that Pocho Lavezzi listens to

The former soccer player shares moments with friends and family with a wide variety of artists. Credit: Spotify

The Few Lavezzi had, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, a year of travel and enjoy with friends. After announcing his retirement from football in December 2019, the Argentine does nothing but share moments with his loved ones and, for this, he put together two music playlists that he shared on his social networks and whose content is the most versatile.

After walking with his girlfriend Natalia Borges On the island of Saint-Martin, flying to Saint-Tropez with friends, passing through Paris, where he was reunited with old colleagues, resting in Ibiza and ending up in Turkey with the Brazilian model, the 35-year-old ex-footballer arrived in Argentina to return to meet up with his family and local friends.

The former footballer and the model in Saint-Tropez, at the beginning of the year. Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram @ pocho22lavezzi

The Few He uploaded a photo with his mom, to which he expressed: “I missed you! I love you mom!” and also shared stories with friends and background music. Then he decided to show his followers one of the lists he has on Spotify called “Flow”.

With a few songs and 77 “likes”, the playlist has a repertoire of artists among whom are distinguished Travis Scott, the Rolling Stones, Daft Punk, among others. The style of the songs is, in general, similar, and of English or Portuguese language.

One of the most popular lists of the Pocho Lavezzi.  Credit: Spotify

One of the most popular lists of the Pocho Lavezzi. Credit: Spotify

But this is not repeated in the most popular list of Lavezzi, which is called “Asado amigos”. There, the man from Rosario chose a wide range of themes to set the lunches and dinners with his friends to music with a taste that proves to be quite varied.

Is that in the selection that has 244 “likes”, Pocho decided to choose singers like Muse, Oasis, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, The Weeknd, but he also opted for national rock, with references such as Charly garcia, Soda Stereo, Lice, the Bersuit, Street, and several others, which probably keep you close to Argentina, especially when you are traveling.

To this is added some reggae, with Dread Mar I Y Bob Marley, for example, and some more modern references, such as Wax Y Thunder. Lavezzi also likes upbeat music, so he chose songs from Los Pibes Chorros, Light, Checkers Free Y Gilda.

The list of Lavezzi It offers a great variety of styles, which can accompany different moments, both calm and moved, and that, among so many genres, probably some band or singer is known to those who listen to it.



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