Frozen bread, canned tomatoes, or grated cheese; the food received by poor British children in confinement

Social networks in the United Kingdom have been filled with photos of the meals offered by the British State to needy students during confinement. Some publications that in England have not left anyone indifferent. A social and political storm has been unleashed that has forced the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson to intervene.

Johnson has described as “shameful” the images posted on Twitter by desperate parents, who say they feel “dismay” and “sadness” at the limited selection of products delivered to schools for distribution to homes without resources by supplier companies outsourced by government.

In addition, the conservative leader has said that these meals “are appalling and an insult to the families who have received it.”

In one of the photos uploaded to Twitter, you see a can of beans, sliced ​​bread, a couple of slices of cheese, three apples, two potatoes, a couple of bananas and sweets. In theory, a meal that should serve for 10 days. These are the products offered by the catering company contracted by the British Government to prepare nutritious meals for a week.

The responsible company has offered to reimburse the cost of the food boxes and explains that the reason for the poor service was that they were not informed in time of the confinement decreed on January 4.

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