Funko pop, a passion for collectors

Ariel Bogado, owner of the firm, points out that they never imagined getting to where they are today, and assures that they will continue to innovate to give their loyal clients the best.

“We feel very good with all the affection and preference of the collectors, and that is felt, it shows since we are mentioned in a pleasant way in several groups. I don’t know if we are the favorites, but I think we managed to enter the hearts of several Freak’s, also thanks to Freak I have met wonderful people, with whom I have formed a good friendship ”, he adds.

Among the most requested funkos are the figures known to all as the Baby Yoda, This Djarin, the Mandalorian played by the great Pedro Pascal. Neither can the Blockbuster (blockbusters) and Marvel with their icon Iron Man; Star Wars with the fearsome Darth Vader and DC Comics with the unmatched Wonder Woman.

the beginning

Freak Store started in 2017 on two floating shelves after the birth of little Lucy, daughter of Ariel.

“When Lucy’s mother receives a maternity award from a cooperative and asks me what we could invest in, that encourages me to take the first step. So, with that and some savings from me, we made the first import of exclusive Marvel funko pop and other figures, mostly X-Men, ”says Bogado.

The name was the brainchild of Melissa (Lucy’s mom). Then they created their page on Instagram, offered their products on Facebook, university fair among others, and then opened their own store in Asunción. Little by little they were gaining loyal customers, today scattered throughout the country.

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How was the love for funkos born? This question could not be absent. “The love for figures is born from a very young age. I have always dreamed of having my own collection and thanks to the fanaticism for the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to be more specific, Iron Man, I was able to start my personal collection, which includes all the Iron Man Exclusive Funko Pop; some of Star Wars and those of Kylo Ren and Obi wan. There are also rock, since, after the cinema, music is another of my passions. We also have 1 / 6th scale Hot Toys figures in the store that you can admire, ”says Ariel.

Currently, the store is closed, preparing new novelties and a new physical place where customers can enjoy excellent coffee, while reading their favorite comics. They also plan to offer new and exclusive products, and not only can you buy but also admire exclusive collectible figures. “Ultimately, there are big surprises ahead for freak maniacs,” adds Ariel.

Ariel Bogado comments that one of the store’s goals is to satisfy collectors through special promotions.
“At Freak we always seek to reward our clients, either with raffles or direct prizes, we are used to them,” says the owner,
“I invite you to continue supporting us and invite other people to follow our store, to continue growing and reach more fans,” he adds. The store has accounts on Instagram like @freakstorepy and on Facebook like Freak Store Py.


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