& # 39; More like eggs Benidorm & # 39 ;: Furious Tesco customer gets out after he & # 39; Monstrousness & # 39; of a eggs benedict in supermarket café Thomas Hesketh, 20, ordered the £ 5 Eggs Benedict at a Tesco Cafe in Wigan. His photo of the badly presented breakfast is gone viral with 17,000 likes Mr Hesketh, from Westhoughton, ate it because his father's meal had arrived

Joel Adams for Mailonline

08:14 EST, January 7, 2019

09:21 EST, 7 January 2019

More than 17,000 people have sympathized with a Tesco customer who ordered Eggs Benedict, but received a dish that he described as a "monstrousness." Thomas Hesketh's Tweet has become viral after he has photo of the weak breakfast of a Tesco café in Wigan on Saturday The popular brunch meal, often presented with a great love, looked less appetizing when he arrived: two watery eggs on reformed ham. Several Twitter wags called the disappointing dish & # 39; Eggs Benidorm & # 39 ;.

Thomas Hesketh's Tweet has become viral after he posted a photo of the disappointing breakfast served on Saturday by a Tesco café in Wigan

… and what the dish should look like. (Stock Image) He subtitled with the Tweet: Stored eggs Benedict in your Wigan cafe and received this monster. & # 39; The image shows two limp pieces of cold ham with what looks like blobs of lettuce and pastry cream on a small piece of bread. Traditionally, the American recipe consists of an English muffin topped with thick slices of ham and two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce to finish it. The 20-year-old said he had finished the dish despite what it looked like because his father's breakfast had arrived and she did not have time to wait for another. & # 39; According to Mr. Hesketh, from Westhoughton in Wigan, the Hollandaise sauce came straight out of the fridge. He said: & # 39; I could see it as an open kitchen. The Hollandaise sauce came directly from a small bath out of the refrigerator. & # 39;

Twitter users joined in the mockery with Mikey with the label & # 39; eggs benidorm & # 39;

Hesketh, 20, said the cafe offered to cook another, but warned it would be the same

The seller replied to the tweet, which has already been received 17,000 times, to apologize. The unsavory photo has gone viral with about 17,000 likes and 3,000 retweets. Many people made tongue-in-cheek comments about the dish with more than one question about the appearance of the eggs. Ross wrote: & # 39; Have they used white Cadbury Creme Eggs? & # 39; asked Helen Wood & # 39; who orders Eggs Benedict in Tesco? & # 39; Cherry Morello said: "I've heard that Homer Simpson asked for his eyes." Tesco responded to Thomas & # 39; tweet say: & I am very sorry that this happens. Did you tell the cafe staff? "But Thomas let them know for sure that it was not the staff that was the issue, but the food itself." He answered, "Yes, they said they would cook me another one, but it would be the same! "Tesco was approached for comment.

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