Galdames will host a cemetery for more than 9,000 pets

New facilities of more than 10,000 square meters that will open for the first of June in the heart of Las Encartaciones will provide a final resting place for pets. They will be in the Humaran neighborhood, in Galdames, and will be called ‘The Garden of Dreams’. “It will be the first animal cemetery in the Basque Country with slabs on the ground, with their plates, and in a natural environment,” explained the promoters of the project, Miguel Aguilar and Josu Galdames.

The two partners, who have been shaping this initiative for almost three years, indicated that they will be the fourth facilities of this type to open in Spain. The company, whose website will open in the coming weeks, will be in charge of the burial and maintenance of the tombstone, which can be contracted for a period of at least five years.

Families will be able to visit the graves and an attempt will be made to promote synergies with nearby tourist resources., such as the Rolls Royce museum in Torre Loizaga or the greenway, in order to give users more reasons to visit. The place is protected by an enclosure and will have offices, a terrace and benches, among other elements. Outside there will be a parking lot.

Increasing demand

“I realized that there were more and more homes with animals and yet it is forbidden to throw ashes or bury bodies anywhere. It is a real problem for people ”, explained Galdames, who pointed out that the facilities will provide something more than a simple resting place. Those responsible have obtained the necessary permits so that the bodies can be buried, and not just the ashes. Dogs of up to 60 kilos, mastiff type, will be allowed, but they will also have room for felines, reptiles … In addition, it is planned to reserve a space with dry logs in which a facility similar to the niches will be enabled to provide service to the owners of birds.

The final details of the facilities are currently being finalized, but the result “will be very similar to that of the American cemeteries,” Aguilar advanced. The objective is to be able to accommodate more than 9,000 animals, with a space of about 40 centimeters between the slabs and comfortable gravel paths. “The owners can place an inscription with whatever they want, such as a poem,” he explained.

In the future, the owners do not rule out obtaining the necessary permits so that burials of cremated owners can even be promoted next to the ashes of their pets, as they warn it is something that happens in other cemeteries of this style. «The site is spectacular. It is a plot surrounded by centenary pine and oak trees »Galdames noted.


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