Galilea Montijo with covid-19; is contagious a second time

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Mexico City / 23.02.2021 11:19:42

Galilea Montijo, conductor of Today program, communicated in a live link from Televisa programming that again gave again positive for coronavirus, covid-19. She assured that like her, her son also tested positive. Counted what your symptoms are and explained how you realized you had been infected a second time. We tell you how the tapatia is and what he said in the Hoy program.

Through a live broadcast with the program Today, Galilea Montijo explained that he again tested positive for the coronavirus. He reported that he found out thanks to a quick test.

“I did the rapid test and it came out positive, I told him about righ now to the producer –de Hoy–. My responsibility and that of anyone is to be at home, and when the results arrive, well, yes, I was positive again”Said Galilea Montijo.

The Guadalajara said that she felt surprised after being infected with covid-19 again, as she took good care of herself to avoid the disease.

He hasn’t given me this part of being short of breath. I have no idea – when it was infected – because I literally started to feel bad at dawn. I vomited, like nausea, I woke up very early, thinking that I had dropped something wrong that I ate on Sunday. And that body ache that I said, I exercised too much. This disease is so strange that the truth is I don’t know if I’m going in or out. I hope and I pray to God that it’s coming out”, Galilea Montijo said.

Andrea Legarreta, partner and headline of the morning broadcast, asked if in this new contagion by covid-19 he had experienced different symptoms.

“The pain of the body, a horrible sore throat. Unlike the other time, it didn’t give me a headache, which I appreciate very much, because the headache, last time, was terrible. Fever has not given me. Mateo had a high fever all morning, because we are the only ones who tested positive, my husband came out negative, so we sent him to sleep in the tub “Galilea Montijo replied.


The conductor of Today program revealed that her body did not appear to create antibodies four months after her first covid-19 infection.

“No way do I have to stay at home, because I like to be active, but life, my God, life, no way, that’s the way it is. If it gives you again –covid-19– or my body did not create antibodies or anything because after it gave me it is four months. It is the time that you remain immune. Well I no longer believe in immunity “Montijo said.

The first time Galilea Montijo was infected with covid-19

It was in November 2020 when Galilea Montijo reported that he had coronavirus. The stellar host of the Hoy program tested positive for covid-19, as reported through her Instagram account. After this news, at the time he announced that he will be absent from the morning broadcast of Televisa.

It was through his Instagram stories, where Galilea Montijo made the news known: he tested positive for covid-19.

“Hello everyone!!! I will stop seeing you for a few days since my covid test came back positive, Thank God at home we are fine. I leave you kisses and happy night ”, Galilea Montijo wrote.

He also placed a sticker with the legend ‘Social distance’, that is, by Sana Distancia.

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