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Quotations for Queensferry Road have recently been raised

The shares of the construction company Galliford Try fell by 20% at the start of trading, after the company issued a profit warning.

The company, whose activities include building homes and bypassing roads, said earnings would be under GBP £ 30-40 million lower than expected GBP 156 million as construction business is expected to contract.

Most of the bank referred to Queensferry Crossing, who recently did the final cost estimates.

It says it plans to focus on areas where it succeeds.

The group was hit last year by one of its partners on the Aberdeen Beltway, which triggered outsourcing giant Carillion, and had an additional cost of £ 38 million.

She and her other partner, Balfour Beatty, have continued to work on this much-delayed and over-budget road-building plan.

Galliford said the costs would not be revised.

It said its review would assess both progress and contract conditions in the rest of Galliford's construction business.

However, she added that the majority of her construction companies "continued to perform well".

The company recently promoted its former Finance Director Graham Prothero to Chief Executive.

The company said it will prepare its verdict over the next few weeks and, in its planned statement on May 21, "along with another group update update, will report the detail of the review.