Gamboa found in the maturity of his career a desired regularity

What he always wanted and hoped for for a long time, he achieved at a mature stage in his career.

Right-back Cristian Gamboa finally achieved his long-awaited regularity in European football with VFL Bochum from Germany’s Bundesliga 2.

In fact, the Tico is the starting full-back of the German team that is currently in second place, tied with 42 points with Hamburg and with great aspirations to be promoted to the first division next season.

The 31-year-old Gamboa joined the German team for the start of the 2019-2020 season and after virtually being sidelined by Celtic of Scotland.

Even at that time, many saw the future of Gamboa outside the Old Continent and even located him back in Costa Rica.

However, in Germany he found his place in the major European leagues and during the current season he has been a fundamental piece.

Gamboa has played 2,023 minutes that are divided into 20 Bundesliga 2 matches and three German Cup matches.

In addition, they have only one assist (against FC Nurnberg) and so far 10 yellow cards.

There is no doubt that the numbers are from a consolidated footballer in his club, however, getting to this was an exercise of great patience for the player.

From forgotten to undisputed headline.

The Tico came to European football in 2010 to join Fredrikstad of Norway with which he played 31 games. This opened the doors for him to join Rosenborg on loan from Denmark’s Copenhagen the following year.

At Rosenborg he registered his most games played with 53 matches from 2012 to 2014. This, together with the good 2014 World Cup in Brazil, allowed him to make the leap to the Premier League in England, where his ordeal began.

With West Bromwich Albion he was barely in just 17 games. The first season he played 12 games and by the second year his presence was extinguished and he barely jumped onto the field of play in five commitments.

For the 2016-2017 season, and with West Bromwich in the second division of England, the Tico had practically no participation, playing only two games and being sent to the reserve team.

Hence, his departure to Celtic of Scotland seemed to be the opportune moment not to let himself die in Europe.

After a first season with 21 games played, including two in the Champions League, the participation of the right-back was gradually dissipating.

For 2017-2018, his worst year in the Old Continent, the Tico only registered three participations, one of them in the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

The following year his registration did not change and he was only in seven games of the season and was discharged by the club.

When the Tico’s luck seemed to end, the Bochum opportunity appeared and Gamboa smiled again.

Currently in only two seasons (the current one yet to be completed), the Costa Rican is a starter with 49 games played, just four games away from reaching the participations with Rosenborg, something he aspires to achieve this same campaign.

The second wind in Europe for the legionnaire does nothing but think that he will arrive as one of the footballers with the best rhythm for a year that is vital for the National Team.

Cristian Gamboa’s performance in Europe

Club Matches Goals Assists Minutes

Rosenborg 53 1 4.417

Bochum 49 1 2 4.108

Fredrikstad 31 1 3 2.639

Celtic FC 31 3 2.122

W. Bromwich 17 1 665

W.BromwichU23 6 417

Copenhagen 2 180

TOTAL 189 2 11 14.548

** Source: Transfermarkt **

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