Sure, that game of Thrones In this latest trailer, the team is not ready to release current footage of the show's next and final season. But we are sure that they will have some value to investigate what actually happens when ice hits fire to find clues to story points …

Season 8 aims to round off the epic-style story with huge bouts between the living and the frosty dead (a collision has taken weeks and will complete a series) while the quarrel and battle between the various rival homes and forces has not won be completely forgotten. We'll finally see who emerges victorious – assuming you can truly claim to do much more in such a situation than to survive.

This next episode of episodes (only six, but promised to all take more than 60 minutes), is expected to hit the screens in April. With luck, we should see some scenes soon. And while you wait, you can find out everything you need to know about the next season.

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