Garbage covers the storm drains of Jujuy

This information is confirmed to All Jujuy from the Emergency Coordination of the province: the irresponsibility of Jujuy is what in most cases ends up affecting themselves and all their neighbors.

Rain or not, micro-garbage dumps are repeated over and over again in vacant lots in all neighborhoods, on the side of the roads, as open space appears and even on street corners. Bags, bottles and rubbish of all kinds invade the streets because people throw them there with impunity or because they take out the garbage outside of the assigned hours and, with the rains, they are dragged to the storm drains, they cover them and the consequences are devastating: flooded streets, flooded houses, affected families. Even a speed bump in XibiXibi Park was clogged with bottles.

In this storm, fortunately, there were no evacuated families to mourn, although different agencies had to help people remove water from their houses and many damaged streets in Chijra, Bajo La Viña and Punta de Diamante.

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However, the storm did not pass: the yellow alert continues for Jujuy: the National Meteorological Service warns of the presence of possible “meteorological phenomena with the capacity to damage and risk of momentary interruption of daily activities”.

The authorities’ recommendations include driving carefully, especially on the roads in the north of the province, since heavy rains reduce visibility and the road becomes slippery. They also advise carrying out a general inspection of all the safety elements of the vehicle such as the battery, terminals, brakes, lights and tires.

But above all, if we want to avoid floods and the tremendous problems that come with it, it is important that each neighbor takes care of their garbage. The responsibility for self-care and for others cannot be limited only to health measures related to the pandemic – which, by the way, we often forget and we must not neglect for a moment – it is also essential to take care of the environment in which we live and think that every bag, paper or bottle thrown out of place can do much more damage than we sometimes imagine.

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Flooded streets in San Salvador. The trash that covers the storm drains, one of the main culprits.

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