Gary Neville has focused on duo David De Gea and Paul Pogba of Manchester United, who were briefed against Barcelona on Tuesday night.

Lionel Messi and Co. In the quarter-finals of the Champions League Barcelona ran amok when Manchester United won 3-0 against Manchester United in the return leg (4-0 in a row).

Paul Pogba had a bad game by his usual standards, while De Gea owed United's second goal after putting a speculative Messi attempt into his own net.

Neville talked about the performance of his former team at Sky Sports after the game, revealing his disappointment with De Gea and Pogba.

Gary Neville has targeted duo David De Gea and Paul Pogba of Manchester United

"The second goal of David De Gea has taken away the game from United, the entire team has been deflated and the spirit brought out," said Neville.

"I do not know where it came from, I know people said De Gea made some mistakes in the last 12 months – but not many of them are for Manchester United, I can not think of Manchester United.

Pogba did not have the best game of his life against Barcelona

"It was a bad goal to lose, I hope he comes out and takes the lead.

"I think it's important to make a mistake like that, he's a seasoned player in your home country, I hope he's the one who comes out and explains it, and I think that would do him good."

De Gea was responsible for Barcelona's second goal at night

On Pogba, Neville added: "Pogbas are now playing as he was before Ole's arrival.

"I thought he was really poor tonight, constantly rolling his foot over the ball, playing for himself, not flipping and moving, sometimes not looking interested – but he's a great player and he can be a great player just have to get that focus back. "

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