Everton's successor, Idrissa Gueye, JP Gbamin, has been compared to an earlier Manchester City legend.

Gbamin was engaged in the final weeks of the transfer window for a fee of around £ 22.5 million following Gana's departure to Paris Saint-Germain. The midfielder is expected to take on the role of Senegalese international.

However, Everton will not have the same type of player as Gana when signing Gbamin, according to Daniel Pinder, editor-in-chief of Get German Football News, an expert on Bundesliga football.

Gbamin overwhelmed many fans on his debut, but there was a reason for his somewhat stale performance. The Côte d'Ivoire international had little time to prepare for the African Nations Cup since his absence in the summer and did not train much with Everton's side before the Palace match.

When he reaches full fitness and settles in the Premier League, Pinder expects the Everton fans to see Gbamin's true abilities, a midfielder more reminiscent of Yaya Toure than a Holding Enforcer.

Pinder talked about Gbamin's features and explained to the Liverpool Echo:

Gbamin is extremely athletic and has great energy while his tackle is among the best. He will always give everything and the comparisons with Yaya Toure are not far away.

Statistically, he was one of the best midfielders in the Bundesliga last season and has rightly aroused the interest of the largest European clubs to stand out in a Mainz team.

Gbamin is ready to play in any position he desires, and his ability to play in defense has helped him understand the game much better, especially in positional terms, while improving his ability to read the game.

In today's market, Jean-Philippe Gbamin is a bargain with £ 25m.

Not only did Pinder draw comparisons with the former Barcelona midfielder, but he also explained that although Gana and Gbamin have some similarities, they are very different. He continued:

I did some research when Gbamin was linked to replace Idrissa Gueye, and I think Everton gets another player, although there are some similarities.

Gueye had a better pass, but I think that's hard to understand, as Mainz played very direct football last season, so Gbamin was forced to play a lot of risky passes while Everton has technically better players than Gbamin Mainz.

So I think we will see another gbamin in the Premier League. In Mainz, he was the player who had to do everything, and if he did not appear, the team probably would not stand a chance.

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It's fascinating to read the interview with Pinder about Gbamin and his strengths and weaknesses, and I'm interested to see how Gbamin uses his skills when he's up to date.

He has been described by other fans of German football as "Yaya Toure, but faster," and although I personally can not see it, the conversation must be credible after several experts have claimed it or supported these allegations.

As great as Gana was to interrupt the game and keep Everton's game going, it will be interesting to see a more dominant and powerful midfielder do a similar job in Silva's current system.

Will JP Gbamin play a starring role for Everton this season?