China's Geely has expanded beyond its home country in recent years with acquisitions like Volvo. Now they plan to expand globally with their own vehicles – starting with a fully electric sedan.

They revealed today the first picture of the vehicle.

In 2018, Geely sold over 2.15 million vehicles under its brands, making it one of the most important Chinese automakers.

Geely Auto in China was responsible for the majority of these sales, with about 1.4 million deliveries, but the company has expanded in many ways.

2018 was the first full production year for its new premium brand LYNK & CO and delivered over 120,000 units.

Geely distributes Volvo and Lotus around the world, but now they want to offer their Chinese brand in these markets as well.

Today, the group unveiled the first picture of a new electric sedan they claim will lead their efforts to expand beyond China.

"The upcoming new sedan is a global product and will guide Geely's efforts to enter overseas markets."

Here is the picture you published today:

The automaker has communicated some details about the vehicle before the official start:

"The design language uses a" closed "front-design language, with the headlamps designed according to the concept of" Yi ", the Chinese word for" 1 ":" 一 ", with which the headlamps reach over the front of the vehicle the front bows. The pronounced bonnet improves the wind resistance coefficient of the model to only 0.2375 and thus allows a higher efficiency when driving. To increase this efficiency, Geely's new electric saloon has integrated the door handles into the body and only appears when the driver is in a specific area. "

Geely says the vehicle will be completely unveiled in early 2019, but it has not been decided when it will be available worldwide.