Nick Conrad

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Nick Conrad resigned from the BBC in the run up to the Broadland constituency

A substitute has been selected for Nick Conrad, who has resigned as Conservative candidate for commenting on a rape case.

Jerome Mayhew, who runs an adventure company, is the new candidate for Broadland headquarters in Norfolk.

He is the son of former Northern Irish secretary Lord Mayhew.

Former BBC radio Norfolk presenter Conrad, 34, has been criticized for having said in a 2014 rape discussion that women should "stop their panties".

Labor had said that the comments showed that he was not a member of parliament, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the statements were "totally unacceptable."

During a radio discussion, Mr. Conrad said, "I think women need to be more aware of a man's sexual desire, and when you're in the position where you are sexually active, there's a tremendous amount of energy behind it tremendous amount of will and purpose, and it is very difficult for many men to say no.

"Women also need to understand that if a man gives certain signals, he wants to act on them and if you do not want to give the wrong signals, it's probably best to stop your underpants and not go to bed with them."

He later apologized for the comments.

Since its inception in 2010, the Tories have been the seat of Broadland in rural Norfolk. Keith Simpson, the only member of the constituency, won a majority of 15,816 in 2017.

Potential parliamentary candidates who have already selected their parties include:

  • Jessica Barnard (work)
  • Andrew Boswell (green)
  • Ben Goodwin (Liberal Democrat)
  • Alex Hayes (leaving party)