A Conservative election candidate has withdrawn after controversial comments about food banks, feminism and race.

Antony Calvert said that the attention they had drawn could put the Wakefield Conservatives at risk, so he pulled out of the race to become his next MP.

He was criticized for claiming that "there was a reason to be involved in a public service", it was to expose "ridiculous" claims of food poverty in the UK, according to the Sunday Times.

And she added that the real estate consultant was complaining about Labor MP Harriet Harman, "for talking about feminist issues totally and totally irrelevant" in the run-up to the 2015 general election.

Talk Radio also said that Mr. Calvert had written on Facebook in 2011 that he was "certain to have seen Colonel Gaddafi in the subway this morning," adding that if the former Libyan dictator wanted "Wandering the streets without being recognized, he would surely have had to flee to Bradford".

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A year earlier, the radio station said it wrote: "I can not believe how much [Labour MP for Wakefield] Mary Creagh is watching on TV. Obviously, the makeup service of the BBC does not work on Sundays. "

Mr. Calvert said in a statement that he had commented "well before I was the first candidate in the Wakefield constituency" and that they "were in no way intended to cause an offense. ".

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"While I would prefer to rise and fight these claims, these comments represent either my point of view or that of the Conservative Party, but I would accept that this would only distract from the very serious issues discussed in this general election.

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"My only ambition in politics has been to send back to Wakefield a Conservative MP capable of making a genuine contribution to my hometown in Parliament.

"If keeping in this role jeopardizes this task, I came to the conclusion that I had to withdraw."