Labor's Angela Rayner explained with emotion how Sure Start helped her as a 16-year-old mother, as her party unveiled plans for 1,000 new centers and more free child care.

Secretary of Education of the shadow joined Jeremy Corbyn to announce a commitment by workers to spend £ 1 billion in new Sure Start centers and to extend free childcare to 30 hours a week for children two, three and four years old.

AT Rally of the Labor Party In Manchester this week, Ms. Rayner – now a 39-year-old grandmother – spoke passionately about her own disadvantaged education and how attending a Sure Start Center helped her to become a better teenage mother.

She said, "A Sure Start Center has made me a better mother. It taught me how important it was to sit with my child, hug him and read to him.

"You gave me a gift: to be a better mother than my mother had that ability, and you changed the lives of my children."

Now, by launching Labor's proposals, she added, "Investments in the early years can transform the lives of children and their families across the country, just as the last Labor government transformed mine.

"The Conservatives have slashed funding for Sure Start, resulting in the loss of 1,000 centers, while their so-called free child care offer excludes families that need the most support."

Mr. Corbyn added, "The Conservatives are failing a generation of children, and the world of work will bring the real change that Britain needs.

"Parents are struggling to afford the child care they need, while many children are hungry and grow up homeless."

The workforce says that according to his plans, the average parent of a two-year-old child who is currently not eligible for child care assistance would save more than 5 £ 000 a year.

Parents with children between the ages of two and four, who are currently only allowed at 3 pm, would save more than £ 2,500 a year, according to the party.

According to the Labor Party, more than 880,000 children aged three and four and over 500,000 two years would benefit by the end of the next parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn said the Conservatives "fail a whole generation of children"

But, responding to the Conservatives, Nick Gibb, Minister of Early Childhood at the Department of Education, said, "Giving children the best start in life is essential.

"This is why we are investing record amounts in high quality child care and we have seen an improvement in the quality of child care, with 95% of child care now considered good or exceptional.

"Union plans to abolish Ofsted would leave these centers without anyone verifying correctly that your children are safe."

The Conservatives are opposed to Labor's childcare and Sure Start promises that they will increase the number of GP appointments by 50 million, 15% more than the current number more than 300 million.

The Prime Minister went to Matlock to see the impact of bad weather and decided to lend a hand for cleaning.

Boris Johnson travels to Matlock in Derbyshire as a result of widespread floods that have affected vast areas of northern England.

After Boris Johnson announced an NHS visa for recruits abroad, the Conservatives are now promising to invest 2.5 billion pounds out of 6,000 additional doctors and 6,000 additional nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists, and to introduce more online bookings.

The ministers said the investment would increase controls and immunization and improve the treatment of diabetes, obesity, mental health, cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, "I know it's all too often difficult to make an appointment with a GP.

"We all know the feeling of calling a GP in the morning to wait for an appointment.

"We know that our GPs are under increasing pressure, so we're going to invest record amounts in our offices and help every person get the care they need."

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Jonathan Ashworth, Secretary of State for Health and Health, replied: "You can not trust the Conservatives with our NHS.

"They are still making election promises they do not want, and the Conservative ministers promised us 5,000 more GPs, but in fact we lost 1,600 GPs under the Conservatives.

"After years of NHS cash deprivation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get an appointment with a conservative generalist."

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The Liberal Democrats' proposals offer parents who work 35 hours of free child care per week when their baby reaches the age of nine months.

Party leader Jo Swinson, who will launch the policy at a rally in Battersea on Saturday, said the projects would reduce the gap between the end of paid parental leave and the start of free tuition. child care services.

The Lib Dems are also committed to providing every child between two and four years of age with 35 hours of free care for 48 weeks a year.

This would be extended to children aged 9 to 24 months where their parents work.

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