George Lucas sneaks into a scientific documentary recorded in the middle of the street

You never know where you can find the creator of Star Wars. George Lucas “snuck” into a shot of a science documentary filmed on the street.

When you film at street level, you face many obstacles such as avoiding pedestrians, people carrying a shopping cart loaded to the brim, the bicycle who does not know that it is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk in a vehicle and that they are going to raise a glass / mirror to a floor. But you can also find many spontaneous reactions from passersby. But what you least imagine is that your camera will capture George Lucas making a stellar appearance and stealing all the limelight from your speaker.

But that’s what happened in a documentary on nuclear energy (or was it nucelar?) That I was filming Bruce Hoglund in the street, giving a long talk based on his experience in the field and addressing many interesting explanations if you want to study the events of Chernobyl, for example.

However, at one point, a gray-haired man with a beard and a plaid shirt crosses the shot from behind Hoglund. Wait … it’s George Lucas! The creator of Star Wars crosses the entire scene to enter what appears to be a hotel (just when the sign is about to be seen, the plane turns).

This encyclopedia brings together all the characters that have appeared in Star Wars, including those from the first two trilogies of the franchise.

The truth is that it seems that George Lucas knows perfectly well that he is coming out on a recording. The director shoots a telltale look at the camera as he crosses the shot. On the other hand, the gift they give us by putting the epic music that accompanies their appearance is hilarious. If you like the topic of nuclear energy that the documentary is about, you can find complete on YouTube, and you can see that the shot is completely “spontaneous”, except for the intention of Lucas himself.

And they said that Star Wars had nothing to do with science!


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