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The appearance that Boris Johnson made after the end of the EU summit on Friday should have provided clarity. The talks about a future trade agreement are “over”, said the British Prime Minister. Another round of negotiations was canceled, it was also “pointless” if Michel barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, will travel to London on Monday as planned. A good ten weeks before the end of the Brexit transition phase, the EU evidently has no interest in a free trade agreement desired by Great Britain like with Canadasaid Johnson. Accordingly, one now expects a relationship like with Australia – so without a contract.

But then the head of government left a back door open: if Europe his position “fundamentally change”, a result is still possible, said Johnson.

The prime minister’s harsh remarks should give momentum to the negotiations that have been stalling for months. A hard Brexit is also undesirable from the EU side, and the Commission President wants accordingly Ursula von der Leyen do not give up the agreement yet. However, the German side in particular is unimpressed by the recent threats from the British government.

CDU does not want to be put under pressure

Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) has stood up against British pressure. “We will continue to work undeterred to avert a hard Brexit and the additional burdens that it poses for the European and German economy,” he wrote in a letter to the CDU and MPs CSU. “But it is also clear that we will not allow ourselves to be put under pressure when regulating market access and tariffs.” First the news agency had dpa reported on the document.

The time window for the Brexit negotiations is getting narrower, warned Brinkhaus. But it is “in the interests of both sides to come to a sensible solution”.

The Vice President of the EU Parliament, Katarina Barley, sees little chance for an EU trade agreement Great Britainthat goes beyond a minimum consensus. “It’s getting more and more difficult,” said the SPD politician to the radio station NDR Info. A narrow agreement on very narrow areas could ultimately be the most face-saving solution. “The fishing will probably stay out.

Barley: “Johnson is always about the internal impact”

Johnson Above all, he wanted to prove to his people that he was in control. “Boris Johnson is always about the internal impact,” said Barley. “And the EU must be the scapegoat.” That is why he demands so adamantly that himself Brussels have to move. Brussels moves on some issues, but not on others. The EU will not break the red lines that have long been known in the negotiations. “We don’t want to have a dumping competition in front of our noses.”

As the government prepares for a hard Brexit and battles the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK is suffering from increasingly severe economic problems. The financial strength of the state has declined and the state institutions as well as the leadership have been weakened in recent years, said the rating agency Moody’s – and set the country’s creditworthiness down one notch.

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