Germany trusts that tourism will reactivate in summer with vaccination

The German Government Commissioner for Tourism, Thomas Bareiss, is confident that leisure travel within Europe will be possible this summer thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign.

In an interview in the weekly Der Spiegel, Bareiss rules out however that tourism can be done during the Easter holidays, between the end of March and the beginning of April. “But for the summer holidays I expect a clear improvement,” says the commissioner, who is convinced that domestic tourism will be possible, but also international summer trips to traditional destinations, such as Spain and Turkey.

To facilitate tourism, Bareiss asked that the lists of risk territories that the German government and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for virology draw up be by region and not by country.

In his opinion, safe corridors will be necessary in tourist areas with a low incidence of covid and the use of tests.

Bareiss was skeptical of the possibility of Covid passports for those already vaccinated, at least until the entire population has the option to be immunized. Privileging the former while the rest must wait would be “very unfair,” he argued.

However, he added, the German government can do nothing if other countries offer advantages to those Germans who are already vaccinated.

Tempers, however, are cooled by the large wholesalers, who warn that the lack of a strategy with the vaccination against Covid-19 in Spain is a stone in the shoe to save the next season. They warn that competing destinations such as Greece or Turkey are taking the lead in the face of the second pandemic summer. In fact, in the presentation of the TUI summer season it was emphasized that although the trend of spending vacations “en masse” within Germany will continue, Greece is beginning to lose its popularity due to its great demand for families, with the destinations of Crete, Rhodes and Kos in the lead.

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