Gerrard asked for free football on TV for confinement

Steven Gerrard tapped into one of the most important speakers of the season, the previa del ‘Old Firm’, to ask the local authorities to offer football to everyone.

“I think football has to adapt to situations. If there are certain areas that are totally closed, you can’t leave your house, then I think football should be free“, argued the Rangers coach at a press conference.

Of course, Gerrard believes that “it is very difficult for the authorities to make these decisions and order people to stay at home during these times “due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

“Although it’s the right thing to do, and if it’s the right thing to do, then give them free football, in that little pocket of time because it’s not fair to the fans sitting at home, “he added.

“Not all fans are in the same situation where they have ‘BT Sport’ and ‘Sky Sports’, and all those channels. That’s a luxury. They have to take care of everyone and make sure they have access to see the team they love, “Gerrard said.


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