Get the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS for less than 100 euros

Without a doubt, the smart watches with the best value for money on the market.

Last updated on 01/12/2021 at 08:32

If you are looking for a good smartwatch that is cheap, you are in luck, because one of the most attractive models is right now with an offer that is irresistible. We talk nothing more and nothing less than Amazfit, the Xiaomi brand that is always synonymous with quality and good price. The shipment is from Spain, it runs that the units fly.

Buy on AliExpress: Amazfit GTS

Because we cannot deny that although smartwatches are increasingly useful, their prices are not entirely attractive. Examples are the Apple Watch or watches from Samsung or Huawei. Now, if what we are looking for is a nice smartwatch with which to do sports or simply to have it on our wrist on a daily basis, those of Amazfit will always be our best choice.

Get the best Amazfit watches at minimum prices

The Amazfit GTS is a cheap smartwatch that has nothing to envy much more expensive models.

We have already talked about the Amazfit GTS on more than one occasion. You can even consult our complete analysis carried out on Andro4all. The truth is that we not only liked it a lot, but We found it to be one of the best smartwatches that we can find on the market today, since it offers us a round experience in relation to its price.

And its price is one of the strongest points of the terminal. Since as a general rule, the Amazfit GTS has a price of around 130 euros but thanks to the AliExpress offer we can buy it for so only 100 euros. Yes, you read that right. A quality smartwatch, with an AMOLED Super Retina screen, with a very attractive design and a multitude of options for about 100 euros.

Buy on AliExpress: Amazfit GTS

Now, you know that the Amazfit GTS is not the only device that we can get at this minimum price, since there is another model called Stratos 2 that using the same coupon we will also get it with a significant discount. The difference between this device and the previous one is that the dial is round, similar to that of conventional watches.

Whichever model we choose, the truth is that for these prices, either one is a magnificent choice. Xiaomi has shown with these devices that very complete smartwatches can be launched on the market at a good price, and it is that without a doubt we are facing possibly the best value for money smart watches on the market. And if not, we can always go for the wonderful Xiaomi Mi Band.

Buy on AliExpress: Amazfit Stratos 2

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