Get your iPad to find the Apple Pencil with this trick

One of Apple’s most iconic products is the iPad. The tablet has brought many users to the Cupertino firm who were looking for a computer with little weight and touch capabilities to use it with ease. The arrival of the Apple Pencil was a revolution in the use of the equipment, giving a lot of ease to the most artistic users. However, the link that connects the tablet with the accessory may not work the first time and that is why we are going to show you how to sync the iPad with your Apple Pencil again.

Recharge your Apple Pencil

As you know, Apple tablets already have two compatible pencils depending on which model. The difference is clear since one has a physical Lightning connection and the other is connected by magnetic contact to the tablet. However, at some point in its use you may have been surprised by the fact that the stylus does not work as it should and for that reason we teach you how to recover the connection between Apple Pencil and your iPad.

As you can see, the bitten apple’s stylus has no on or off button. For not having, the second version does not have a cover with a Lightning port. For this reason, the first thing we recommend is that you cmake sure the gadget has power, in which case you just have to load it. This seems very obvious, but sometimes what seems clearest is the last thing to consider when troubleshooting an error.

Bluetooth error

However, if you are sure that the virtual pen is not downloaded, the problem is with the Bluetooth. The first thing is to check if the tablet has this function activated, which in the case of not being so, you only have to press a button in the quick start menu. If the problem persists, try the following tips so that your iPad finds the Apple Pencil:

  • Restart the tablet

  • Go to Settings> Bluetooth and check if the gadget is registered

  • If it appears but does not work, click on the ‘i’ and on forget device

  • Reconnect the Apple Pencil to the tablet and wait up to a minute

What to do if this doesn’t work

These steps should be enough to get your Apple Pencil working on your iPad again. However, it is possible that the pencil does not work so we propose two things: The first of them is wait for the pen to discharge completely. That way you will have to connect it to the tablet to charge it and if the device recognizes it and the battery message pops up, everything will be solved. The second is the most drastic option and is take it to service in case none of the above worked.

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