Gini Wijnaldum admits that he himself was struggling with illness during Liverpool's win over Bournemouth – when he revealed his ongoing knee-problem fight.

Wijnaldum climbed out of his sickbed to perform on Saturday's 3-0 Reds win at Anfield.

The Dutchman, who scored Liverpool's second goal, was banned from the team hotel the night before the game to avoid infecting his teammates.

And the midfielder raised the lid, how close he was not to have played.

"Thursday night I had a tablet from the doctor for my knee," said Wijnaldum. "It was a tablet that could cause stomach aches.

"I took it and was in pain thinking that it came from the tablet. In the end I had to vomit and everyone was a bit scared.

"I did not train on Friday and did not sleep in the hotel because they thought I could infect other players.

"The manager called me and said," Do you think you can play? ". I said I was as positive as I could.

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"In the morning I was still weak and had diarrhea. I have to say that the pills helped a lot.

"But even during the break, I had to run to get to the bathroom. I was like "Oh no!" I ran in and could control it! "

Wijnaldum missed the draw last Monday at West Ham United with the knee problem, in which he also won against Crystal Palace last month.

The Dutchman admits that he is still suffering from an injury, but hopes to overcome the problem during the rest of the campaign.

Gini Wijnaldum (Liverpool) scores his second goal against Bournemouth
Gini Wijnaldum (Liverpool) scores his second goal against Bournemouth

"It was a bit painful," he said. "We played Leicester and it was good. I played two or three games and it was painful again.

"Then we played West Ham and it was painful again. I rested and it was good.

"Now we have to see how it recovers. We have 10 games for the next game and it has to be ok. "

Liverpool's final dismissal of Bournemouth ended the discussion of a mini-crisis following a 1-1 draw with Leicester City and West Ham.

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And Wijnaldum, whose goal since October 2017 was only his second goal of the season and his first in Anfield, said: "If you win, it's always a good answer. Three goals and one goal makes it even better. We have to make sure we answer every game, not just a game.

"If we had been told that you will have such points in the beginning, everyone will have taken them. It could be better. But we have to recognize where we stand. "

Liverpool, who will be spending most of the week in a warm weather training camp in Spain, will not play until Tuesday when he plays Bayern Munich in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Gini Wijnaldum celebrates his goal with Liverpool team-mate Fabinho
Gini Wijnaldum celebrates his goal with Liverpool team-mate Fabinho

Wijnaldum is confident that the revival of European competition will not hinder the Reds' ambitions in the Premier League.

"We have to see how it will work," he said. "I think we can both play. We are fit

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"You never know, but many bindings are fine. The Champions League went well last season and we lost a lot of points in the league.

"I do not think it was the Champions League."